Big Challenge, Big Opportunity

The first report produced by the Local Government Commercialising team focuses on the concept of commercialism in the public sector as a whole. The main objective of this report is to provide context of the topic area, by addressing what the current challenges are in both national and local government. Opportunities within local government are also discussed, along with the potential outcomes of commercialisation.

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Best Practice and Benchmarking

The second report in the Local Government Commercialising series surrounds research conducted in to what commercial ventures local authorities within the UK have already embarked upon, and what made them successful. Local authorities discussed in this report include Leeds, Peterborough and Guildford. The main purpose of the best practice and benchmarking report is to assess what makes each individual authority’s commercial strategy successful, and incorporate these factors in to universal success criteria.

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Moving Forward

The third and final report of this series focuses on the commercial strategy that is proposed local authorities should apply when going through this process. Within the report the principles, objectives, and overall strategy for a successful commercial transformation are discussed, based upon the success criteria that are outlined in the Best Practice and Benchmarking report. Clear action plans and a board formation proposal are also key highlights of the Moving Forward report.

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