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Working with significantly lower budgets

Reduced budgets overall means that there is an ever-growing need to lower costs without cutting services. 

Improving frontline worker efficiency

Local authorities all over the country are facing an increased demand to find new, innovative, and overall more efficient ways of working. This is relevant through all departments within the authority.

Meet rising public expectations of service delivery

Coinciding with the challenge of ever-depleting budgets, the demand for service delivery is continuously growing. 

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Manage the cultural shift

As demand for service improvements by citizens are addressed, a significant amount of focus should be placed on council employees, and more specifically, how they work.

From how county council staff are working today, managers and leaders should be thinking how efficient new processes can improve this.

Overall, KPI’s should move away from focussing on trivial factors such as attendance, sickness etc. to a world focussed on what outcomes are being delivered; for the council, and overall for the county.

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