Sam Currall


Sam graduated with a BSc Psychology degree from the University of Derby in 2016. Discussions are in early stages regarding the potential publication of his dissertation in psychological journals.

In his current position at Hethel Innovation he works with organisations in the public sector to develop new products and services, and otherwise improve their capacity for innovation.

Simon Coward


As well as being the Managing Director of Hethel Innovation Ltd., Simon also runs a business incubator (Hethel Engineering Centre), and Scottow Enterprise Park.

Additionally, he oversees an enterprise and innovation consultancy, focused on growing the knowledge economy through collaborative innovation, sector focused economic development and business demand driven skills training.

Will Taitt


William graduated in 2010 and has since worked in a variety of electronic focused roles. Since joining Hethel in 2013, William has helped to deliver one ERDF project and secure funding for a second.

William’s main role in the LEAD LEAN LEAP programme will be focussed on the delivery of training and workshops.