Business Benchmark

This is a tool that should be utilised when you want to determine whether your existing business or idea for a business is actually viable and has the potential to be successful. Further to this, the tool also highlights which specific factors of the business need to be improved upon.


Entrepreneur Profiler

The Entrepreneur Profiler is another tool developed by us, which measures an individual’s ability as an entrepreneur. Specifically, a score is generated for the individual’s confidence, creativity, leadership ability, agility, risk-taking, and levels of energy.


Leadership Style Profiler

The Leadership Style Profiler is designed to determine which of the three leadership styles you represent most.


Problem-Solving Style Profiler

The Problem-Solving Style Profiler is a questionnaire that can be used by individuals in order to determine what type of problem-solver they are.


Myers-Briggs Personality Test

The¬†Myers-Briggs Personality Test is the most widely used of it’s kind. It is used in order to determine which of the 16 varieties of personality types an individual may be.


Full List of Resources

  • Business Benchmark
  • Entrepreneur Profiler
  • Leadership Style¬†Profiler
  • Problem-Solving Style Profiler
  • Myers-Briggs Personality Test